Should You Still Buy a Blu-ray DVD Player? The Eternal Question

07/23/2019     Author: Billy Gray

It might seem like a thing of the past – and in many ways it is – but Blu-ray players are still sitting on shelves waiting to be adopted into loving households around the world. For just a one-off payment of $160, you can help a Blu-ray player find purpose in a changing world.

Blu-ray players are forced to walk for seven miles to school every day and don’t have clean water to bath in. With your donation, we can help to end the suffering of Blu-ray players, together. Let’s make a world where redundant technology isn’t excluded from society just because it can’t keep up with streaming services.

Forever alone.

Lord of the DVDs: Fellowship of the Blu-ray

The Blu-ray disk is without a doubt the best quality picture you can find to watch your favorite movies on. So what ever happened to the prominence of Blu-ray? After the PlayStation 3 used them by default to up the quality (and price) of its games, the Blu-ray sort of seemed like it was taking off. But did it ever really achieve real success?

Sure, they’re still around and you could always find the Blu-ray version of what you were looking for in HMV… but most people just weren’t willing to spend the extra money on a better picture quality.

Now, with the advent of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and the fast rising Amazon and Apple services, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Blu-ray disks and DVDs in general have been confined to the storage unit alongside cassettes and VCRs. But you’d be wrong.

Blu-ray isn’t exactly making a comeback – Samsung just stopped making Blu-ray players – but people are still buying them. Some people will never give up on the idea of actually owning a physical copy of the movie they’re watching. On top of that, others just aren’t willing to suffer any reduction in quality.

Let’s take a closer look at why people are still buying Blu-ray disks and why you might consider joining them.

4K ultra-HD is good enough to notice that Matt Damon has loads of black heads.

I: Quality

As mentioned above, you can’t beat Blu-ray when it comes to video quality. If you’ve got a home cinema (which you probably already invested a ton of money into), then you might as well go for the best quality movies as well. While streaming services can provide you with high-definition quality, they still don’t live up to Blu-ray.

With Blu-ray, you can get a 4K ultra-HD picture with the highest-quality audio to go along with it. While you can pay $13.99 per month to have 4K ultra-HD on Netflix (less than the price of the average Blu-ray disk), many people still insist that the quality isn’t as good.

Whether you think it’s worth paying more for a single movie than you would for a month subscription to a premium Netflix account… that’s up to you. For some people, you just can’t beat the disk.

II: “Well, we’ve already spent thousands…”

Some people might not really care so much about the minor increase in quality – it might just be the case that they’ve got dozens, or even hundreds, of Blu-ray disks stacked up on shelves already and they’re not willing to throw them all away.

These people can be forgiven for not wanting to part ways with the massive amounts of cash that they spent in the past. Those disks cost an effing fortune, so why resign them to the trash?

While the people in this category might not want to carry on buying Blu-ray disks, they might want to consider buying a new Blu-ray player.

III: Vintage thrill seekers

These people make very little sense and probably believe that the Apollo moon landing was a hoax. They’re the kind of people you assumed were cool because they have a massive collection of vinyl records. That was until you realized that they also have a massive collection of DVDs… and they’re still buying them. Now you just think they spend too much time in their living room.

They’re predominantly over 50 years old and probably have a newly installed kitchen and chose to pave over half their garden instead of keeping it green. They probably also take cruise vacations and don’t like to eat foreign food unless it’s Chinese or kebab.

In short, these people are the only thing really keeping the Blu-ray market afloat. As it breathes its last dying breathe and withers into cosmic nothingness, these people will scratch their head and wonder which cable subscription to upgrade to.

Final note

Basically, if you’ve got tons of Blu-ray disks stored in your house and you don’t want to get rid of them because you have a hoarding problem, then you should consider buying a Blu-ray player. If you want to buy Blu-ray disks for any other reason then you’re a complete moron and there’s a special place in hell reserved just for you.

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