Sony PlayStation 5 Release Date and Specs – PS5 2020 Launch

10/11/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Sony has been pretty quiet on the PS5 – until now. It will launch at the end of 2020 and it’s looking to have a very interesting design and some whopping specs.


 We’ve been waiting for the PS5 rumors to start easing in for some time now, and finally here they come – and from none other than Sony itself. We’d figured that the console would be released at the end of 2020, in time to compete with the Xbox Project Scarlet console that Microsoft will be launching at that time.


It turns out that those initial speculations were indeed true and that we will be seeing a PS5 in the coming year. Sony has announced a late-2020 release, in time for the holidays, so get saving and get excited. On top of this, we’ve also seen some very interesting designs and heard about some internal specs for the console – although these rumors haven’t come from Sony themselves, so they do have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

In this post, we’ll go over what we’ve heard so far about the upcoming Sony PS5, including games that are already expected for the console, and a bit about PSVR – the virtual reality wing of the new PlayStation. We’ll also give you an idea of how much money you’re going to need to enjoy all of this.

PlayStation 5 release date and price

The PS5 is going to be one of the biggest releases of the year. We can expect that there will be some mad hype around the console during the initial release phase. How Sony decides to market the PS5 will be particularly interesting – the company did a great job with the PS4, but market for the PS3 was very flawed and sales suffered against the Xbox 360 at the time.


No doubt the PS5 will have some serious weight behind it, though, so we’re expecting it to be an instant hit. Sony has said that the console will be released at the end of 2020, during the holiday season. We can assume that this means between October and December.

The initial cost of the PS4 was $399/£349, so we can expect that the PS5 will be somewhere in the $450 – $550 range, considering that it’s likely going to be packing some serious hardware, plus VR capabilities that you’ll probably actually want to start using this time.

All in all, we’d wager that you won’t need to save more than $500, especially if you’re set on pre-ordering the console.

PlayStation 5 design

This is where things get really interesting. The PS5 design is looking like it’s going to be incredibly different from anything we’ve seen before. While Sony hasn’t officially released anything yet, the leaks that we’re seeing so far point to a U shape with a large open space in the middle of it. This is totally unlike any console that we’ve seen previously and it’s an interesting choice from Sony. It could possibly mean that the cooling system will have less work to do as well as the fans can be more closely set up next to each component.


From what we’ve heard and seen so far, the PS5 will allow you to play disks, although we can assume that games will be available for purchase on the PlayStation store without disks needed as well. The exciting new design of the PS5 isn’t the only new thing to look forward to from Sony, either.

Internal Specs

The PS5 will be rocking an 8-core AMD chipset built on third-gen Ryzen architecture, as well as a GPU built using Radeon Navi GPU kit. This is something that we’ve heard from Sony themselves, so there’s no wondering around this one. It will also have an SSD storage system, 3D audio support, and support for 8K TV.

We’ve also had confirmed that the PS5 will have back-compatibility with PS4 games, so you won’t even need to keep hold of that soon-to-be-outdated console. This is always welcome news – there’s nothing worse than buying a new console and finding out that all of your previous games don’t work with it.



The PS5 has also been confirmed to support ray-tracing. This is a technique that is used to enhance lighting and thus make graphics significantly more realistic. It’s currently used in major Hollywood blockbusters, so this should give you an idea as to the level of graphical realism you’ll be seeing with the PS5.

Ray-tracing is made possible by the GPU hardware within the PS5, and it’s something that will catapult the console into greatness before it’s even launched, simply thanks to the potential that this technique unlocks for future games.

PS5 games so far

We can expect to see some familiar Sony-backed titles, like Uncharted, making a return on the PS5, but there are also other exclusive titles that will likely turn people over to Sony over Microsoft in 2020. Namely, Death Stranding, which is likely going to be one of the biggest games of 2020. The excitement around the game is already paramount and it’s likely that this will only continue up to its release. The main developer behind the game has reportedly all but lost his mind during its creation, which is always an interesting prospect.


On top of this, games like CyberPunk 2077 will likely be carried over to PS5, and of course, we can eventually expect a Grand Theft Auto VI. There’s also Ghost of Tsushima, which is exclusive for PS5.


We can’t talk about upcoming games for the PS5 without mentioning PSVR – the virtual reality wing of the console. We haven’t seen much happening here yet, but with the Facebook Oculus system already releasing a Medal of Honor game in VR, as well as a big Star Wars title, we’re expecting big things to happen early on, so that Sony can ensure that they don’t lose the VR race.

The wrap-up

It looks like 2020 is going to be an all-round massive year for tech, and gaming not least of all. The PS5 is going to pack a punch the likes of which we haven’t ever seen before. Get saving those shekels for the end of 2020!

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