Super Durable Nokia 800 Tough Hits Arrives With a Punch

10/08/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re the kind of person who manages to drop their phone more often than a B-52 drops bombs on a warzone, then Nokia’s new 800 Tough phone is for you.


If you’re looking for a phone that can take a punch, then the Nokia 800 Tough is the one for you. This device isn’t your average smartphone – in fact, it isn’t even really a full smartphone at all. The Nokia 800 Tough has been purpose designed to take two-meter drops onto concrete on the chin, and to withstand a variety of extreme temperatures and other inconveniences.


The phone is ideal for anyone working on a site, or out in the field. Thanks to its extreme durability, you’ll find that this is an ideal phone to purchase for your company if your employees are out doing hard field work. Industries like construction, humanitarian aid, and the security services will certainly find use for the device.

In this post, we’ll have a closer look at Nokia’s blast from the past, as well as why you might (or might not) want to buy it. The phone isn’t your average 2019 handset, so there are some serious considerations for using it for everyday things.

Nokia 800 Tough design

The phone certainly isn’t going to please everyone with its 2001-style brick design and physical buttons. The screen is a mere 2.4-inches, and it doesn’t do all the neat little things that you’ve come to expect from a smartphone. For starters, it isn’t a touch screen. This might baffle some of you – but there was actually a time when touch screen phones weren’t a thing.

The benefit of them was that you could literally throw them up in the air and watch them crash into the floor without taking any damage. The downside was that they lacked the design and innovative features that modern smartphones possess.


This is the case with the Nokia 800 Tough – this isn’t a phone that you’d use for your everyday apping and gaming – it’s a phone that you’d use on a site or in hostile conditions. The phone has been designed to withstand falls from heights of 1.8 meters and it is dust and sand proof, meaning that you could literally cover it in sand on a beach or in a desert and it would still function.


The phone is also waterproof, which makes it ideal for anyone working on a boat or ship. It has solid-grip rubber casing, which is also shock-proof, meaning that not only can it take a beating, but the chances of you dropping it are actually really slim.

Basically, whatever the conditions, the phone can withstand them. It’s been designed to work fine in temperatures as low as -20 degrees and as high as 55 degrees Celsius. This is ideal for people doing field work in the far north, or for those stationed in hot climates and working outside.

In short, the Nokia 800 Tough is a workhorse. That being said, this does come at the obvious expense of a sleek and modern design. The phone evidently looks like it was made in the early 2000’s, and this does mean that your everyday consumer will likely not want to buy it. This phone has been designed for workers, though, not the average Joe.

Nokia 800 Tough features

So, this phone obviously isn’t meant for snapping and chatting to your mates over Facebook – although, it does have Facebook, and Whatsapp, and some games, and a whole bunch of other apps on its increasingly populous app store. It also has 4G compatibility, which means that you can still connect to the outside world without any major issues. It also has Google Assistant built in, which comes as a surprise.

Beyond that, the similarities to a regular smartphone are pretty slim. The screen is a very low resolution, although you’ll be able to see what’s going on, don’t expect to be watching Netflix on this thing. The 512MB of RAM wouldn’t be enough to enjoy a video in HD quality, anyway.


The phone does actually have a camera on the back – a whopping 2MP – as well as a 2MB front facing camera, meaning that you can make video calls while on site. This is actually a big plus, and with the rear camera it means that you can take pictures of things to send back to your supervisor. It makes the phone more practical and it’s good that Nokia included this feature – however dated it may be.

The phone has 4GB of internal storage, which is enough to store… nothing really. It really does mean that you’ll be using this thing for calls and messages while at work and very little else.

In terms of processing power, the Nokia 800 Tough comes with a somewhat outdated – read: extremely outdated – Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 MSM8905 chipset. That’s ancient, but it’s okay, it’s all the phone really needs to function, so there you go. Don’t expect to be playing Fortnite on your break, but do expect some nostalgic Snake II sessions.

The verdict

Ultimately, the Nokia 800 Tough is a fantastic phone to kit your workers out with when they’re working in extreme conditions. Mining, oil rig work, fishing vessels, field work, and Arctic expeditions will be the kind of situations where you’ll want to be buying one.


If you really do take yourself as a field explorer, or you’re just sick of breaking expensive phones, then you can pick one of these up for around $100 online or in a phone store. Don’t expect to find them in many high-street outlets, though – you’d probably be better of looking online for one of these.

It’s an extremely durable phone that will survive drops from height, crazy temperatures, the ocean, and much more. If that’s what you need, then by all means get one. The fact that this ancient-looking workhorse actually has 4G and a camera is almost surprising, and it gives it a lot more practical use.

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