The Best and Weirdest Tech from Japan That You Can’t Live Without

09/24/2019     Author: Billy Gray

In a world that is increasingly integrated with technology, some companies are making sure that all your weirdest desires and needs are covered. Here’s how.


When it comes to the latest tech crazes, you want to make sure that you’re getting in on the trends that matter, not simply those that are popular. Obviously, having something like a headless cat robot is more essential than iPhone 11 – right?


These awesome companies from Japan are on the forefront of innovation and creativity. They’re using technological advancements to bring you random products that serve a whole wild bunch of purposes. Some of them are focusing on smart devices for the home that promote a calm are serene existence, while others are clearly just designed for people to have some fun with. Either way, the latest tech gizmos coming out of the world’s most interesting country are a must have for the modern consumer.

In this post, we’ll show you some of the best new technologies coming out of the land of the rising sun, and we’ll go over why you might want to invest in them to improve your quality of life.

Best and weirdest tech gizmos from Japan

When it comes to the odd stuff, Japan usually takes the crown. No one else is quite so proficient at using creativity and innovation to create amazing new products. It seems that everything the Japanese decide to work on just gets better – be it tech, games, or whiskey, the Japanese eye for detail never disappoints.

So, what are some of the best and weirdest tech gizmos currently coming out of this unique country? Let’s have a look…


Yukai Qooboo Headless Cat Cushion

Obviously, you need one of these in your life. This headless cat cushion – and legless, for that matter – has a tail that moves when your fuss it. Depending on how you pet the cushion, the tail will respond differently, either swinging in the air like a content feline, or wagging like an excited mongrel.

If you’re living in the city and can’t realistically have a pet, then this is the perfect gift for yourself. It’s designed to take away some of the day’s stress and give you the pet you always dreamed of having – just without the head.


Mui Lab’s Smart Home Panel

Mui Lab have come up with an innovative and calm way for you to interact with your home’s smart devices. The Smart Home Panel is designed to look like a piece of wood that sits on your wall and can control a variety of devices like the thermostat, the lights, and the sprinklers.

Why use your smartphone when you can have this elegant and natural looking solution instead? Put that phone away and bring your home a step closer to nature with the Mui Lab Smart Home Panel.


Toshiba 360 Immersive Helmet

Want to look like a complete goon? Toshiba’s immersive gaming and entertainment helmet allows you to jump right into the game with a 360 degree view of your game. Wearing it looks like someone just smashed a TV through your head, but the experience that you’ll have with it is good enough to put that factor aside.

Frankly, this is like an oversized and over-ambitious VR headset – we’re not actually sure why it’s so big, but it’s hilarious all the same and we love it.


Fridgeezoo Talking Fridge Animals

What could you possibly want in your fridge more than a bunch of talking milk cartons?! Surely, nothing. Frideezoo comes in various shapes and sizes, with a whole cast of milk carton animals that will greet you with a welcome in Japanese.

The animals aren’t just there to say hello and look cute, however – they’ll also remind you to shut the fridge door in order to conserve energy. If you’re looking to surprise someone in your house, then this is the best way to do it.


Yukai BOCCO Emo Responsive Robot

Your kids need an emo robot around the house. If you have young children who are too young to have a smartphone – and you probably don’t want them to have a smartphone at such a young age – then this is the perfect solution to not having to walk upstairs to tell them things.

The BOCCO Emo Responsive Robot will chill with your kids and then you can send it messages via your smartphone. It’ll read them out to your kids and they can them press the robot’s nose to send replies. What’s more, this cool little robot can also work with your home’s smart devices.

For example, if you leave a door open with a smart lock, the robot will let you know. This is a handy way to make sure your kids are safe.


Langualess Inupathy Dog Mood Sensor

Is your dog okay? Have you asked it recently? Probably not. The Langauless Inupathy Dog Mood Sensor straps around your dog’s back and reads its heart rate to give you accurate information on your dog’s current mood. It can read emotions like happiness, excitement, stress, surprise, and more.

Disclaimer: Your dog might get a bit annoyed by having to wear this thing… depends on the dog. It isn’t suitable for use on cats, rabbits, or fish.


iSpace HAKUTO-R Moon Rover

Space exploration is the ultimate dream of humanity, no? We look up at the stars and we wonder at the confines of our own existence. Now a Japanese company is trying to be the first to make a private moon exploration vehicle.

The idea of this private moon rover is to bring the moon into the sphere of the Earth’s economy. Here’s to a future of dystopian space mining companies that send psychopathic android’s onto spaceships to kill the crew and study violent alien species. RIP Ripley.

The wrap-up

While that last one might not fit into your home, the rest of these entries are affordable smart devices that will be well suited to your home life. Try them out today and see how your standard of living improves. After all, who doesn’t want more robots in their life?

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