The best PS4 games out now to get your hands on

07/10/2019     Author: Armand Richardson

From all the outstanding titles that exist for the world’s most famous console, some are simply better than the rest. We’ve outlined the best PS4 games out now.

PlayStation has always been at the top of their game, producing graphics and games that continually improve over time. Much like a fine cheddar matures over the years, PlayStation has made sure to deliver the goods, cementing itself as a staple in the households of millions worldwide.

They’ve been in the game for a long time, so naturally, there’s an overwhelming amount of titles for you to choose from. It’s enough to knock your head into orbit just thinking about it. But fear not, for we have compiled a list of some of the best games that simply cannot go unplayed. So, whether you’re looking for an epic action adventure or have a primal urge to blow shit up, there’s something in our list of the best PS4 games of all time for you.


Best PS4 games out now

Final Fantasy XV

Well look who it is. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. A Final Fantasy title always manages to wrangle its way into my posts of best games, regardless of the platform. Now I may be a little biased towards the franchise, but so are millions of others worldwide. And for good reason. The sheer amount of time, thought and effort that goes into these games is unparalleled, and the end product is always more than a game. They’re rich visual stories and works of digital art. Final Fantasy XV is no exception.

Prince Noctis and his clan of high-spirited, energetic buddies embark on an incredible journey that straddles somewhere between reality and fantasy. As epic and magical as the adventure is, there’s also elements of mundanity that we can relate to, such as weather talk, light fishing escapades and meal-prepping. Plus, they’ve swapped out the classic FF Chocobo for a convertible. The storyline is as riveting as they come, with some major plot twists down the line that will leave you genuinely shocked.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Sequel to the original critically-acclaimed Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is an epic action-adventure with the same first-person shooter gameplay and surreally life-like graphics. If you enjoy killing Nazi’s with utmost brutality, there’s no better game for you. Wolfenstein II improved on so many aspects of the original game, with an emotionally-driven, intelligent and gritty storyline. High-risk combat, strategic gameplay and tons of customization features make this one of the most unique PS4 titles around. It’s got some of the best PS4 graphics we’ve seen too.


Marvel’s Spider-Man

Ya boy Spidey is back in Marvel’s best game yet. In fact, I would argue that this is one of the best PS4 games out now. Period. Spiderman has always boasted impressive open worlds and slick gameplay, but this release puts all the others on their ass. Marvel crafted an incredible story that solidifies our endearment for our beloved Spidey in a game that is instantly enjoyable. The graphics are stunning, the Easter eggs and plentiful and the web-slinging gameplay is the most addictive thing you’ll partake in on your PS4. Be prepared to lose many hours to this game but regret nothing.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Consider this GTA in the outback, with endless opportunities to interact, kill, rob, kidnap and more. The open world is massive, and the game boasts some super realistic elements like the morning dew creeping in as dawn breaks on a new day. Rockstar pulled no punches with this one (as expected) and the result is one of the most brutally epic releases of ever to grace the PS4. The storyline is vaster and richer than most, pulling you in and refusing to release its grip on your weak-willed little mind.


God of War

To showcase the true might of the PS4, God of War would be it. In a version of the epic franchise that has essentially been revamped, you get all the elements of the prior titles in a far more stunning and intricately thought out environment. Kratos is of course, still a brutally angry demi-god, but has also undergone a huge character arc, resulting in someone who is a lot more grounded and calculated than before. Graphics are visually stunning, and combat is smooth, seamless and arguably more addictive than ever.

There’s also the introduction of the first open world for the series, in which you have the chance to discover the myriad of secrets it beholds. The puzzles are terrible well thought out and intricate, in usual fashion, meaning this will also be an ample sacrifice to the time Gods. Not only one of the best PS4 games out now, but one of the greatest of all time.


Apex Legends

Apex legends is a smart team-based shooter that boasts epic multiplayer battle royale matches. It’s also the fastest growing game ever, reaching over 25 million players after one week of release. That’s 4 times faster than the phenom Fortnite. It’s hard to really comprehend how wildly popular this game is. Apex Legends does team competition extremely well – better than anyone in fact. Skydive into a huge island, gather weapons and team up with your squad to be the last one standing.

Fantastic customization, special abilities and smooth gameplay are just some of the contributors to the success of this blockbuster release by EA. The interface is streamlined to help you instantly understand what you need to survive, rather than spending time sludging through inventories like in other battle royale games. With too many innovative features to list here, I recommend you jump on this one to find out for yourself.


Experience the best PS4 games

This list could go on and on, but I’m not here to bore you with generic titles that are barely worth investing in. Rather, I’ve given you a list of the pinnacle of PS4 games that won’t leave you disappointed with your purchase. Plus, too many options will result in no action being taken at all. So, figure out what you haven’t yet experienced from this list of best PS4 games of all time, then head to the store or online to grab them today. Do you have anything better to do?

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