The Best VR Games for Oculus and Gear VR

03/30/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you want a truly immersive gaming experience, you’ll need to get your hands on one of the best VR games in this list. Check them out now.

VR is one of those pieces of technology that is on the cusp of spreading its wings and migrating across the globe in full force. Yet, it hasn’t quite been adopted full scale. But when it does, it will radically change the way we live, work and play.

With most of the technological kinks being worked out already, it’s only a matter of time before we see VR integrated into design, medicine and more. Expect these industries to transform radically as we use visualization to become more skilled and efficient in our trades.

With the release of the incredibly impressive Hololens 2, we’re seeing augmented reality and use of holograms on the eve of expanding rapidly. Then there’s Oculus’ plans to develop ultra-thin headsets for VR, negating the need for bulky equipment. The more streamline the hardware becomes, the easier they are to adopt and the faster they’ll spread across the globe.

VR games are already becoming increasingly popular, with many companies like HTC and PlayStation now developing their own hardware. These games and systems are still taking shape, but already have the capacity to perplex the sense and provide incredibly immersive virtual environments. Our predictions of virtual, augmented and mixed reality are unfolding before our very eyes.

If you own a VR headset or have been dabbling for a while, you’re going to need some games to play to get the most out of it. I’ve curated a list of some of the best VR games for Oculus and Gear VR to boggle the cranium and skew the senses, providing the ultimate immersive virtual experience. Prepare to be transported to worlds beyond your imagination, escaping the mundanity of reality.

The best VR games out now

Land’s End

Set in a dream like world filled with mysteries left behind by ancient civilizations, you need to explore these lands and solve beautifully made puzzles. Monument Valley Land’s End in an incredibly immersive, 360-degree spectrum journey through a world that is meticulously designed, all the way from the landscapes to the soundtrack. I advise using a swivel chair to get the most out of this game.

No controller is required. The gameplay is purely visual, all you have to do is point your viewfinder at objects marked with dots to interact with them. With soothing, meditative sounds and smooth pastel visuals, Land’s End is not one to miss.


Beat Saber

If guitar hero was your jam, we’re betting Beat Saber is right up your alley too. Consider this Guitar Hero with light sabers, a statement that should be enough to convince any VR enthusiast to download it immediately. Slash your way through neon boxes in specific directions, all in time to the beat. It’s like slashing your way through a hybrid world of Tron Legacy and Star Wars on a quest to obtain the most points with style and flair. It’s one of the best VR games available right now and shouldn’t be looked past. You can check out the track list along with tutorials on the Beat Saber site.


Lone Echo

Lone Echo let’s you finally fulfil that burning curiosity about what it’s like to float endlessly through space. It’s a sensation that many VR developers have tried to replicate in their games and simulations, but most fall flat. Lone Echo however, has been reported to feel extremely accurate and immersive, and probably as close to the real deal as you’ll get right now.

Plus, the gameplay is pretty neat. For the most part, you’ll be maintaining and fixing faults on your spaceship while taking part in a strongly crafted sci-fi plotline. The Oculus Touch controls are tactile and intuitive, making it hands down the best way to experience space travel from your sofa.



Government oppression, high tech, low life, neon filled streets and cybernetic enhancements. Technolust has all the essential elements of an exciting, gritty cyberpunk world, all in VR. Fight the evil corporations and hack government databases to steal precious data in a dystopian city where the wealth gap grows exceedingly larger. Technolust is touted as one of the best VR game concepts to be released to the world and is perfect for the Blade Runner fanatic.



Robo Recall

Now this is a VR first person shooter worth shouting about, finally. As an agent tasked with bringing in rogue robots – Will Smith anyone? – you’ll have ample opportunity to tear them part and spray them with bullets, releasing all that tension you’ve been building up in the real world.

Upgrade your guns and teleport around the city at will to find the next rogue robot and bring him to justice. This teleportation feature helps avoid motion sickness while playing – a common complaint among VR users – and adds to the hype that this is one of the best VR games on the market right now. It’s an action-packed, adrenaline inducing adventure waiting to be unfolded.



If viciously tearing rogue A.I is not to your tastes, give Moss a try, a gentle but visually stunning adventure revolving around a cute little bunny called Quill. Quill needs to find her lost uncle and must do so by solving unique puzzles in a stylized landscape with strong visual elements. The game has gained immense popularity among users and has left many begging for a sequel.


Marvel Powers United VR

With Avengers Endgame right around the corner, there’s no better VR adventure to get you even more hyped than Marvel Powers United VR. This is your chance to live out your fantasies as a Marvel superhero. It’s an online multiplayer and a whole lot of fun being able to team up with your mates to complete missions and beat down the enemy. Expect to see your favourite names from the MCU like Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Star Lord and many more.



It’s an exciting time to be alive, to witness this transition into a society that will soon be dominated by technology in every sense. It’s good to become familiar with virtual reality now as to not fall behind when it takes off globally. Don’t get left behind, get familiar with all things VR now.

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