The Future of PlayStation is PSVR – Virtual Reality is Now

07/31/2019     Author: Billy Gray

The PlayStation 4 enters its final days as Sony continues work on the next gen of gaming consoles. Now, attention is turning to the PSVR. Here’s what we know so far.


Since it first hit the shelves, the history of gaming has really been the history of PlayStation. The PlayStation has seen some of the best games ever made and it has led the charge in innovation.

While the PS3 struggled to compete with the Xbox 360, the PS4 has seen absolute dominance in the market. Going back further, the PS2 (the best-selling games console of all time) really defined the gaming world for years.

The days of the PlayStation 4 are numbered. The console has seen some of the best titles in the gaming world, but now Sony is working on the next generation of consoles that will reshape the worlds of gaming and entertainment altogether.

The dawn of virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) has been something of a dream for gamers for years now. For those who don’t know, virtual reality is an interactive, mostly visual experience that puts you in a simulated environment. In other words, you get to put some goggles on and live out the game as if you were seeing it through your own eyes.

Now these dreamers are waking up to find that their desires are fast becoming commonplace. PlayStation has taken the leap into VR, with more than 200 games currently available to be played with a VR headset.

PSVR – PlayStation Virtual Reality

Sony has done an epic job in bringing games to life with PSVR. All a gamer needs is a PS4 system, a PS VR headset, and a PlayStation Camera. With these three tools, you can begin immersing yourself in the game in and become one with the action.

Most people currently don’t have a PSVR set yet, but this is likely to change in the next year as game developers begin investing massive resources in making the most of this awesome new technology.

What’s so awesome about VR?

Virtual reality lets you play the game in a totally different way. When using the PSVR headset, you have a much fuller perspective of the game environment and this allows you to interact with what’s going on around you a lot more.

With VR, racing games will become as intense as driving down the highway at full-speed, dodging incoming traffic. Shooting games will become a life-or-death battle. Puzzle games become beautifully rendered masterpieces.

Games like Iron Man VR, Blood & Truth, and epic puzzle quests like Monument Valley have already shown the potential of VR. These games look and feel fantastic – and this is just the beginning. The fact that some of them still have VR in the title just goes to show that the developers are still very much in the experimental phase. But people are already loving these games.

Will PlayStation permanently move towards VR?

In short, yes. Eventually, game developers and Sony themselves will begin walking away from the traditional way that we’ve always enjoyed our games. They’re going to increasingly start playing around with VR and this is going to become the dominant way in which we enjoy our video games from now on.

This isn’t something you should be worried about. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you’re a fan of gaming, then you’ll no doubt be taken away with VR. On top of that, VR headsets are getting more advanced and cheaper. As the tech develops, Sony wants it to be as cheap as possible to ensure that no one has any problems moving over to it. This will ultimately secure them an edge over their competitors.

The future is upon us and Sony is embracing it with open arms.

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