The New Samsung Galaxy Fold Full Review – Worth Buying?

09/26/2019     Author: Billy Gray

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of most expensive phones ever to hit the market. It’s a massive achievement and a glimpse of what’s to come in the industry.


If you’re looking for a new smartphone, then you might have looked over the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It seemed like it was going to be a thing ages ago, but then it never materialized thanks to endless delays and mishaps with the foldable screen technology.

The phone is now hitting the shelves around the world, however, and it appears that Samsung have taken all the time that they need to ensure that the problems we saw before have been fixed. The Galaxy Fold is now in full effect and we’ve got our hands on it.

First impressions

It looks fantastic and it feels like a premium as hell phone. It’s practical – although a little thick when folded, but the small size when it’s folded up makes it super convenient to carry around in your pocket and quickly pull out to snap photos and answer calls, etc.  


Once you unfold the phone, it becomes a beast. The way that we found ourselves using it was that while walking around Sydney, we’d take it out to take snaps, and then once we sat down somewhere we’d open it up to look at what we shot in more detail. It’s great if you’re looking through Instagram, Google Maps, or replying to messages. It’s also awesome for YouTube videos.

It certainly attracts a lot of attention once it’s unfolded. People look at it as if it’s the first smartphone they’ve ever seen, and no wonder. It is the first foldable phone they’ve ever seen up close – and it’s really a thing to behold.

The phone obviously performs like a workhorse and the battery life is really good. The HDR10+ supporting screen also looks really good. Samsung are renowned for their incredible screen designs, so it’s no wonder that the Galaxy Fold joins the club of being a top performer here.

Using the phone

Using the Galaxy Fold for everyday tasks it convenient and smooth. The big screen really lends itself to productivity, while the keyboard is super easy to use on such a large space. In fact, going back to a regular smartphone screen is a bit of a bummer after using this thing.


The phone feels really secure when you’re opening and closing it – something which was obviously going to be of great importance seeing as you’ll be opening and closing it plenty of times throughout the average day.

The phone’s six cameras are great fun to use and make for some stunning photos. It feels a bit crazy having so many cameras on every angle of the phone, but it’s a solid addition to the device and means that you can always snap a quick photo when you’re on the go, regardless of how you’re holding the phone.

The massive 7.3-inch screen is a mighty thing to see. It’s essentially a tablet. That being said, there are some noticeable flaws with the device that do have to be mentioned.

Not a perfect smartphone

The first major drawback of the Galaxy Fold is that there’s a massive crease that runs down the middle of the screen. It’s not something you can ignore. This is due to the foldable technology that Samsung used essentially having some flaws. They used a thin plastic coating on the outside of the screen to ensure that it wouldn’t break – the problem is that now you have a pretty obvious fold down the middle of your screen.


Samsung have said that it won’t get worse over time – but you’ll never get rid of it. It sort of makes the phone feel like a prototype that was released to test public opinion or something. It doesn’t look as nice as Huawei’s Mate X foldable phone, although the problem with that one is that it scratches way too easily. It seems that foldable phones still have a way to go, then.

Another obvious flaw is that while the folded version of the device is really convenient, it also looks pretty silly. It’s not an attractive phone when it’s folded up. It looks like an old Nokia with a mini smartphone screen plastered on top of it.

This is something that Samsung is clearing up with the Galaxy Fold 2 – photos of which have already been leaked.

Galaxy Fold 2 Already on the Way?

Samsung have made some errors with the Galaxy Fold. We’re loving using it and didn’t want to make this article about the negatives of the device, especially seeing as it’s the first of its kind. That being said, for such a massive price tag, we can’t exactly overlook it.


The phone needs some design updates and the screen simply isn’t where it could be. There’s no getting around it. The phone is cool, but users won’t be attracted to a screen that has a great big mark down the middle of it.

Ultimately, we feel like this was the trail fold that Samsung was really hoping would work out better. We just don’t really get how it didn’t. Either way, the company is already on track with the Galaxy Fold 2, which takes a completely different approach to the Galaxy Fold by opening up horizontally rather than vertically. It already looks like a much nicer design.

It seems that the Fold 2 will adopt Huawei’s design with one of the screens on the back of the phone. It’s risky, but it could work really well. They’re also apparently doing away with the massive notch on the device and replacing it with something more similar to what we saw on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

The early verdict

The Galaxy Fold is a great phone – and an even better concept – but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. To be honest, for the price that Samsung is asking for this device, we’d sooner skip it and wait for the Galaxy Fold 2, which will no doubt fix the initial problems that we’re seeing unfold (no pun intended).

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