Turn your Android device into Retro Gaming console with these Apps

10/07/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Nothing is better than playing Retro games on your Android devices. There are a few apps that can help in making your dream possible by allowing you to play Retro games on your phone. This article will guide you on how you can play your favorite classic games on your Android devices.


We all love retro gaming, from Nintendo 64 to Sega Genesis, we have played it all. When you are on the go, you can play such games on your Android device. There is a wide range of emulators that you can install on your android device. In addition, Google Play Store has also re-released all the classic games so that games lovers can play them on their Android phones, TV boxes and Tablets. Here are few things that will help you to enjoy your retro games more:


How To Turn Your Old Phone In A Retro Game Console?

There are few things that you will need to turn your old phone into a retro game console:

  • TV box, Android phone, and Tablet
  • Emulator or retro gaming suite
  • Power cable
  • USB HDMI adapter with cable
  • ROMs of games that you want to play

Getting all the things is easy, but finding the ROMs of the game and the emulator is the trickiest part. There are few platforms like RecalBox, but you will need a tool RetroArch to run it on Android device. After installing the RetroArch, you get access to all the emulator cores to start your game. Once you get the ROMs of your game, you are ready to play your game.


What is Retro Gaming ROMs?

There is certain legality involved in downloading the ROMs of the game. So it’s important to understand ROMs. ROM is technically an entire game in a file. These files are available on the internet, but it’s illegal to download the titles which you don’t own. While downloading the ROMs, it’s difficult to find out if the file is the one you are looking for or a malware. It’s advisable to avoid the EXE and APK files because it can harm your computer if downloaded from the source which is untrustable.

Retro Gaming with Kodi

The latest version of Kodi on Android can help you in setting up the retro gaming environment on your Android device.

Android Retro Gaming with ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy is an alternative to RetroArch, which is more customizable and has a smart interface. The app contains in-app purchase to unlock more features. When compared to RetroArch you will find limited choices for consoles to emulate and also there is no auto-detect option. The controls offered by ClassicBoy are easily movable and resizable which let you squeeze all the buttons to one side which is good. The cost is reasonable for the options that ClassicBoy offers.


Which one is the best Retro Game Emulator?

Choosing the right emulator is difficult when there are so many options available. You can also find the emulators for most consoles on the Play Store. These Emulators are good to use in case when RetroArch and ClassicBoy do not support certain system. Sometimes they might also lack some customization so choosing a right emulator is a must.

Building an Android Retro Gaming Console

There is nothing more fun than playing a retro game of your choice on your Android device. With the right controller, you get to enjoy the game on your phone, tablet and TV system. RetroArch is the perfect software for you if you are planning to build a retro gaming system on Android.

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