What is CES 2020? The Place to See the World’s Latest Tech

11/07/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re looking to get your hands on some of the world’s latest and greatest new technology, then CES 2020 is the place to be. Here’s the lo-down on CES 2020.


When it comes to showcasing the world’s latest and greatest new technology, there is one place to be that will give you a bigger insight than anywhere else: CES 2020. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in pretty much all the way down the Las Vegas strip. The event draws crowds of about 180,000 people, which is enough to book out every hotel room in the twinkling city of vice and fantasy.

CES has been going on for years now, and it always takes place around this time of year in the US. The event sees most of the world’s major tech companies gathered together to showcase their new products, launch things that we haven’t seen before, and just gather customer feedback and have a presence among the other titans. One notable exception every year is Apple, who only release their products in their own events.

CES will be open from January 7th to January 10th and the public can go and have a look for around $100. If you want more access, then you can get a conference pass, starting from $700. You’ll also need to book a hotel room ASAP, because there are generally more guests than hotel rooms in Las Vegas. The event runs free shuttle buses from all the major hotels in the city and in the Sands, so that people can have access.

What is in store for CES 2020?

As usual, you can expect pretty much every major tech company in the world to have a presence at CES 2020. Samsung, Sony, LG, Canon, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Lenovo, and many more will have a presence. As previously mentioned, Apple will not be at the event – they never are, after a clever marketing trick where they’ve made themselves appear unique from and above the competition.

The conference isn’t just about looking at shiny tech, though. Given that this multi-million dollar event takes place in the Las Vegas Strip, you can rightly expect CES 2020 to be a show to remember. There will be some incredible displays, lights, and guest speakers to be excited for. There is a real energy at the CES events, thanks in large part to the sheer magnitude of the tech displayed can reach.

Last year, CES 2019 got a bad rep for refusing to give an award to a sex toy company, so tech nerds will be happy to know that diversity is well and present this year, and as such, sex toy companies will be allowed to showcase their finest pleasure-makers one a one-year trial basis. It makes for a more interesting lineup: phone, phone, transparent TV, laptop, phone, sex robot, speakers, phone…

CTA – the company that arranges this event – has confirmed that the trends in 2020, alongside sex robots, will include travel and tourism, health, privacy and data analytics (Facebook, anyone?), 5G, consumer use of AI, and 8K display technology.

Sony – PlayStation 5

One of the big announcements that we’re expecting to see at CES 2020 is Sony bringing up the upcoming PS5. The next-generation of the PlayStation has already been confirmed to be release at the end of 2020, in time for the holiday season. Sony will also probably give us a teaser of the PlayStation VR – Sony’s answer to virtual reality in gaming, and possibly the future of gaming itself.

Sony will also have some new Dolby soundbars, as well as some fancy new TVs to show off. Put all that together, and you have yourself an incredible setup for gaming and entertainment.

Samsung – QLED TVs

Another big hitter at CES 2020 will be Samsung. The South Korean conglomerate has been rumored to be working on QLED TVs with zero bezel, which will give you a complete display. This development will give you a much more impressive entertainment setup and will certainly give Sony something to work towards, as well. Samsung are famous for their screen technology – not just in TVs, but also in smartphones (so much so that even Apple buys their iPhone screens from Samsung sometimes).

We could also see the company give some updates about its Notebook 9, and some other developments in their screen and monitor technology.

Nvidia at CES 2020

We can also expect to see computer graphics giant Nvidia launching some new gear. The company is rumored to be about to release the Nvidia Shield – a solid video streaming player that will potentially trump the competition. The company may also release some new graphics card tech – let’s see.

AMD – Another graphics titan

AMD are another computing graphics giant that generally launch a major product at the CES events. This year looks to be no different, and their latest graphics card might about to be launched to the world. Whether it’ll compete with Nvidia, which remains to be seen. AMD will also likely mention their latest GPU advancements – it should be an interesting announcement and will likely fall on the Monday.

LG – saving the best for last?

LG are obviously going to unroll their latest TV tech – and this is going to be something huge, if what we’re hearing is correct. The company has been working on a transparent QLED TV, which they’ll no doubt roll out at CES 2020.

LG are also likely about to release a line of smart tech for the home. The company has been working on a lot of robot vacuum cleaners, smart washers and dryers, and other nifty gadgets to make your home life simpler and give you a bit more time in the day. This one should be very interesting.

The wrap-up

CES 2020 is set to be a major event with some very exciting releases. We’re going to see some great new tech being launched and the show itself should be fantastic. We’ve mentioned some of the major announcements that we’re expecting to see, but there will also be plenty more that we haven’t mentioned, and possibly some big surprises in the mix, too.

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