What is Dogpile Metasearch Engine and why is it Worth Using?

07/30/2019     Author: Billy Gray

With so many search engines out there, you’re bound to wind up with some vastly different results. Dogpile compiles the best of the web in one simple place.


There are dozens of popular search engines out there – Google being the most used. The thing is, they don’t all produce the same results. If you search a query on Google, the results will likely be very different to if you searched the same query on Bing, Yahoo, or Yandex.

Dogpile combines the results of all of these search engines in one place. This means that you don’t have to worry about missing out on the best results from across the web. This is great for when you want to compare results, or just find the best possible answer to your query.

Dogpile has been doing the rounds since the 90’s and while it’s never been hugely popular, it’s always had a solid reputation for its clever interface and effective results. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive way to search the web, then Dogpile is the search engine for you. It comes kitted out with some great features that make comparing results easy, as well as entertaining add ons like Joke of the Day to brighten up your mornings.

Why use Dogpile?

When you search a query on a search engine, you’re shown the results that this one particular engine features. You might think that this is no issue – if you’re using Google, then the results will be pretty accurate, right? Probably. But then, you never know.

Dogpile did some studies into this with a couple of prestigious American universities and found that the first page results of different search engines were generally the same less than 5% of the time for the same query. In other words, different search engines give you completely different results.

This is where Dogpile comes in handy. Now you can see the most popular results from a selection of the biggest search engines. You can also choose to have results from different engines highlighted in different colors, so that you can clearly see where each one came from.

Dogpile also allows you to have a look at the most popular queries on any given day. This can actually be a pretty interesting insight into what the internet is up to.

Best Features of Dogpile

Aside from gathering search results from across the web and conveniently handing them to you on a plate, Dogpile also has some fun features to keep you entertained.

INTERFACE: The user interface of Dogpile is simple and to-the-point. The search bar is in the middle of the page (where else would they put it?!) and the design uses bold colors and simple graphics. This makes it easy to search for what you want without any bother.

ARFIE: Arfie is the Dog in Dogpile. Literally. He can be found sat at the bottom of the page and is happy to give you a hand whenever you need. You can look at his Most Wanted list of popular searches to get an idea of what the human race is interested in finding out on a Wednesday morning. It’s also a great way not to forget Mother’s Day.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Feeling blue? Or just want to feel even brighter? Joke of the day is exactly what it says on the tin. While you can expect the same level of Christmas-cracker humor that you’d usually reserve for you six-year-old, it’s still a fun addition to the search engine. Some of them are actually pretty funny.

SPECIFIC SEARCH FUNCTIONS: You can limit your searches to news, media, and more. This is similar to how Google works and while it might be expected from a professional search engine, it’s still a plus.

COMPARISONS: Dogpile also allows you to highlight results from different search engines in different colors to get a better idea of where everything is coming from. What’s more, you can view Venn diagrams to see more detail about how results overlap (or don’t).

A comprehensive search engine

Dogpile is a clever search engine that is ideal for people who want to make sure they’re getting the best results from every corner of the web. While many people might prefer to just stick to one search engine such as Google or Bing, those who want the full experience can use Dogpile instead of bouncing between various search engines.

It’s handy, friendly, and comprehensive. Give it a go.

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