What is Driver Booster 6? Plus What are Drivers?

07/24/2019     Author: Billy Gray

Driver Booster 6 is one of the most useful tools for keeping your system up-to-date, but what exactly is it and how does it work? Find out in our post.


Chances are you’ve heard of drivers. If you’ve been using a computer for a long time then you’ve no doubt had to install drivers to connect a printer, fax machine, mouse, keyboard, graphics card, sound card, or some other thing to your computer.

Drivers are very important. They’re what connects your hardware to your computers operating system (OS). If you play a video, then your computer will need to send a signal to the OS to inform it that you want the video to play. In doing so, it’ll also send messages to the graphics card, sound card, and more so that they can play their role in making the video play with good quality and sound. These messages are handled by the drivers.

Drivers are like the middle men between the hardware in your computer and your operating system. They’re like nerves – you can send signals to your computer’s brain with them to make it do stuff.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if your drivers are very old, then you might start running into some problems. Imagine if you’re very old and your nerves are no longer working like they used to – then imagine you could go to the hospital and get new ones surgically installed into you to give you a new lease of life. This is essentially what you’re doing for your computer when you update your drivers.

What is Driver Booster 6?

This should be fairly obvious now. Driver Booster 6 is the latest version of a program that updates your drivers to the latest version so that your computer is functioning at tip-top condition.


Good question. When your drivers are out of date, your computer will be at an increased risk of malfunctions. This could take the form of system crashes, slow performance, devices and hardware not working properly, or slow application response times.


Quite simple: it updates your drivers to the latest available version. You’ll be surprised when using it for the first time. If you’ve never given this any attention then you might find that your Windows is using the 2006 version of a particular driver, for example. Obviously, that’s no ideal…

By updating your drivers to the latest versions, your computer will be able to work more effectively. You’ll notice an increase in performance speed and some problems that you may have had in the past – such as crashing during gaming or audio failing to materialize – will likely be fixed.


Driver Booster 6 also allows you to fix various issues that you might have with your PC. For example, if your computer doesn’t have sound, then you can fix this with one press of a button.

On top of this, you can see detailed information about your system, all in one place. You can see your computer’s factory specs, but you can also see exactly how much space you have on your hard drive and how much memory you have available.

You can use it to fix network failures, bad resolution, and clean data and unblock crashes. It’s like having a digital toolkit at your disposal.

Is it worth paying for Driver Booster PRO?

If you’re a gamer, then it might be worth upgrading to the PRO version, especially if you feel that you NVIDIA driver booster isn’t cutting it for you. Driver Booster PRO comes with deeper cleaning tools, more optimization, and specific driver updates for gaming components.

That being said, for the average PC user, the free version should be satisfactory. The free version allows you to update most drivers that you’ll need. This is enough to noticeably improve system performance and therefore enough to satisfy most users.

What else to consider?

When you use Driver Booster 6, you’ll be asked if you also want to install Advanced SystemCare. This is another product by the same developer that is highly recommended across the web. It cleans out junk files and optimizes your system to ensure things are running as fast as possible.

It also speeds up your connectivity and can be used to update applications on your device. If you’re a gamer, then you’ll appreciate the gamer specific optimization that stops unnecessary apps from running in the background, thus freeing up RAM to dedicate to gaming.

Advanced SystemCare is also free and comes with a PRO version that isn’t necessary to purchase. We used it and were satisfied with the results. Give it a go.

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