What is Spotify Web Player and How Does it Compare to the App?

06/20/2019     Author: Billy Gray

If you’re a fan of Spotify but you don’t have much space on your computer, or you’d just rather not have to leave your browser, then give the Web Player a try.


Since its launch in 2008, Spotify has drawn in more than 200 million users, close to half of whom pay a monthly fee for a premium account. This means the company pulls in close to a billion dollars per month from its loyal user-base – around 70% of which is then distributed out to rights holders, as well as their staff of more than 4,000.

The streaming service now features more than 40 million songs in high-quality audio as well as thousands of podcasts, music videos, audiobooks and more. But you don’t need to download the app to enjoy Spotify. Now, you can use the Spotify web player to access the service on any device and without having to download anything. This makes it easier to get your favorite music, wherever you are.

What is Spotify Web Player?

Sick of downloading apps? The Spotify Web Player allows you to connect to the streaming service through any browser, simply by searching for it on Google.

The layout is very similar to the Spotify app for desktop. The main menu is on the left side of the screen, while the song currently playing is at the bottom, and what your friends are listening to is listed on the right. The black and green design is instantly familiar and users will feel immediately familiar with the interface if they’ve used the Spotify app before.


The Spotify Web Player is basically the same setup as the app – it features all the same music, podcasts, and audiobooks. So why use it? Well, there are some key differences and the web player features a few unique little perks that you can’t use on the app version.

Benefits of using Spotify Web Player

You’re probably wondering why you should bother using the Spotify Web Player. To be fair, if you’re already happily using the app then there isn’t really any reason to switch. Spotify Web Player is more of a portable version of the app that’s useful for using when you’ve not got your computer or phone with you.

PLAY MUSIC ANYWHERE: If you’re using someone else’s phone or computer and you want to play some music but they haven’t got Spotify, then the web player is your new best pal. You won’t have to download the app and sign in or any of that mumbo-jumbo. With Web Player, you can simply go onto their browser and start playing music right off the bat.

This is really useful at parties, or just whenever someone is playing music on YouTube and you want to bust out your favorite Spotify playlist.

SHARE LINKS WITH EASE: While sharing music on the mobile version of Spotify is easy, doing this on the desktop version is a pain in the backside. With the web player, you can simply copy the URL for the song or playlist that you want to share and then send it to whoever you want on Facebook, email, Twitter, or wherever else. Easy.

Spotify is all about sharing music at its heart – there’s nothing more awesome than that.

HOT AF: Hotkeys, baby, it’s all about them. There are tons of hotkeys on Spotify web player – to the point where you have to install a hotkey add-on for Chrome and Firefox to use them. That might sound a bit full-on, but don’t worry, you’ll love them. They’re very useful for if you’re listening to Spotify at work and just want to skip through some songs without having to leave what you’re doing and lose focus.

CLEAR SOME SPACE: The Spotify app actually takes up a lot of space on your device – especially on mobile. If you’re listening to music then it downloads into a cache so you can listen to it quicker next time. This can put your Spotify app’s space into the GBs very quickly. Spotify Web Player removes the need to install the app and is thus great for low-spec devices with minimal storage space.

ALL THE GOOD PARTS: Spotify Web Player is very close to the desktop app in layout and functionality. There are no noticeable bugs to complain about and everything is very simple to use.

KAREOKE CITY: You can open a tab down the side of the song with the full lyrics so you can sing your heart out in the office while the music is playing and piss off all your colleagues with your Radiohead rendition. This is life.

Downsides of Spotify Web Player

Obviously, the web player isn’t going to top the actual app in terms of overall design and usability. It’s more of a backup option. My man Spotify web player is a back-up dancer. No, seriously, it’s a great backup option, but it does come with its downsides if you’re thinking of using it as your default.

NO OFFLINE: You can’t switch to offline mode, even if you’re a prime member – so no saving playlists for the subway, unfortunately. This means that it isn’t exactly as ‘portable’ as you’d like it to be.

LOWER SOUND QUALITY: You’ll also have to deal with a slightly lower sound quality than you’d experience on the app. This isn’t really noticeable unless you’re a DJ or have bat-level hearing. Still, you won’t get as good a sound experience as you otherwise would. It’s a downside, whichever way you look at it.

ALWAYS LOGGED IN: You always have to be logged in to use the web player which means as soon as your Wi-Fi disconnects, the music is over. This is indeed a pain in the ass.

Final note

If you’ve got the Spotify app and you’re happy with it, then there isn’t any point switching to the web player. You should always use the app as your default, it’s just obviously a lot better.

That being said, if you’re ever using someone else’s device and you want Spotify – or if your app stops working for any reason – then Spotify Web Player is a reliable back-up option to have. Enjoy!

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