When is 5G Coming? Find Out When 5G is Coming to Your City

12/02/2019     Author: Billy Gray

The big 5G rollout is coming – but it seems to be taking its sweet time and many people are wondering why they can buy a 5G phone but still can’t use 5G.


It seems like a pretty stupid thing to have to spend $1,000+ on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, only to realize that you can’t even connect to a 5G network where you live. Unfortunately, this has been the case for many people around the world who are still wondering when the hell 5G is coming to their town or city.

The problem is that not all service providers are putting up 5G towers yet, which means that for many people, 5G is still something for the future. While Huawei has been busy installing 5G technology around the world, countries like the US are adamant that they’re not going to use the Chinese company’s 5G tech thanks to accusations that they want to spy on people around the world.

This means that the rollout – which is incredibly expensive – is taking a little longer than previously assumed. It seems that a lot of countries in the West are being complacent about 5G and see other technologies and infrastructure as having priority.

When is 5G coming to you?

A lot of cities in the US and elsewhere don’t have access to 5G yet. There are a fair few exceptions now, but even these are limited to specific networks. It takes a lot of time and a huge investment to make 5G possible around the entire country. This year, we’ve seen the arrival of 5G and a gradual warm-up rollout. We’ve also seen a few phones offer 5G support, although this has generally meant spending a fair bit extra on your handset and it’s often limited to the most expensive flagships.

For most people, 5G remains a way off, but 2020 will be the year that it really starts to take hold and become a common thing in your life. 5G is coming, make no mistake, and we can expect new phones – the iPhone 12 included, to support the next generation of mobile internet.

In short, the technology has only just become available to the public, so it’s going to take some time to roll out across the world. If you can manage a little patience, then you’ll reap the rewards of the big 5G rollout later on.

Why is 5G so important?

Aside from being able to download a HD movie in under a minute, there are a lot of practical reasons why 5G is so important. Many of these things will make your life easier, while others will effect society at the macro level and will likely go unnoticed by the average person for a while. But make no mistake, the effect that 5G is going to have on society is pretty massive.

Data transfer speeds: One of the most important things about 5G is that it’ll allow for extremely fast transfer of massive amounts of data. This will make it easier for companies and government institutions to send huge files and power technology remotely. It means that you could install ultra-HD traffic cameras to catch people using their phones while driver, or that you could send your entire medical history to your doctor in an instant, or have surgery performed on you by a robot being controlled by a surgeon hundreds of miles away. These are all going to affect the way that we do things.

Super-HD video as standard: Having 5G means that you’ll be able to stream videos in mega HD quality with ease and no lag. Say goodbye to loading times on YouTube and Netflix – 5G will allow you to download the entire movie or video in seconds. This will obviously make your life that little bit more entertaining.

Self-driving cars: The amount of information that a self-driving car needs to process is massive, and having 5G will allow for self-driving cars to actually take off and process all of that road information with ease. It’s actually going to advance technology in this field and related fields a lot, bringing the future closer to your door.

Does 5G pose a health risk?

There have been rumors, and even protests, regarding the possible health risk that 5G could have on people living in major cities and so on. The idea behind the unrest is that the signals sent out by 5G are so minute that they could actually interfere with your brain waves. Of course, this is complete BS. As is the case with any big change to the way that things are done, people have a tendency to blow up about it all. 5G doesn’t pose a health risk – in fact, it’s totally harmless. Your brain isn’t going to explode because you have faster internet.

Still, many people will jump onto the conspiracy hype – until it’s died down a bit and the technology has been rolled out, that is. Scientists and medical professionals have analyzed the threat and concluded that it doesn’t pose a threat to the public, so there is no reason to worry.

Should I buy a 5G phone now?

Although 5G is being rolled out across major cities in the world, you still might want to hold off on buying a 5G phone – unless money isn’t really an issue for you at the moment. The reason for this is that 5G is expensive to implement on a phone right now and it isn’t widely available. If you live in a city that supports 5G already, then you’re fine, and it just comes down to whether you want to spend the extra cash.

In the next year, 5G will become more widely available and much cheaper to implement. This means that smartphones with 5G support will also become cheaper, and we’ll see more budget and mid-range devices carrying 5G modems.

So, maybe hold off for now and buy a 5G phone next year. The iPhone 12 is already rumored to be supporting 5G, and this is very likely given the timeline of the technology. Of course, if your city already has 5G, then you might as well go ahead now!

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